The islands Koločep, Lopud, and  Šipan are the only inhabited islands. Lopud lies between the other two islands and is, in our opinion, the most beautiful. Lopud has an area of 4,63 km2, the highest point is Polacica at 216 meters. Currently Lopud has about 220 inhabitants. The village of Lopud lies the on northwest side and has a view of Šipan. The two hills are connected by a beautiful valley where a footpath goes through to the bay called Šunj on the other side of the island. Šunj-bay is famous for its famous beach. The bay is almost round with a narrow entrance, totally filled with white sand and gets deeper only very slowly. The ideal spot for little children. It is possible to get something to eat as well as cold drinks on this side of the island and there are also sun beds and  beach umbrellas for hire.

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