Elopement wedding on Park Orsula overlooking the Old town Dubrovnik

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Soma and Michael  went through the entire process of planning a wedding only to realize, when it came time to start putting down deposits, that it really wasn’t what they wanted at all. What they did want, was a day that was just about the two of them. They cancelled their plans and opted to elope somewhere close to the sea  instead, celebrating  a two week honeymoon in Europe.

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How can you argue with that?

Special thanks to Soma and Michael  for sharing their beautiful elopement with us!

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Why did you have an intimate wedding?

We chose an intimate wedding because we wanted something simple and stress free. We wanted the day to be about us. After planning a very elegant $10,000 wedding, when it came time to book everything and pay our deposits, we just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money for something that was not just about us. So we opted to elope and book a two week honeymoon in Europe instead.




 What are some of the challenges that you faced planning an intimate wedding?

Our biggest challenge was how our families were going to react to our decision to elope.

Also, finding perfect location

thanks to Dragica we found it in last minute  and it was love at first sight .


 Here is a letter from my dear friends …

Dear Dragica, here is a quick letter for you…
Our last minute wedding story in Dubrovnik….
” We came to Croatia Dubrovnik to elope because we had heard that it was so beautiful and the people so friendly.
Of course we were not disappointed! In the rush to coordinate our travel plans and leave Canada, we left our wedding plans to the very last minute, and as we approached Croatia, we were really worried that we might have left it too late. We contacted few wedding agencies to be sure things will be done correctly and one of them was Dragica .
From the first moment we had felling that we know her for ages and she came to our rescue! She managed to coordinate everything in just a few short days, and gave us the memories of a lifetime. The location was stunning, the flowers gorgeous, dinner was beautiful, she even took us last minute dress shopping! Through all the rush and stress, Dragica was so calm and confident, and we felt like we could relax and enjoy the process, knowing she had it all under control. We would highly recommend Dragica to anyone, anytime, anywhere… Sincerely, Michael and Soma.”


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 photos has been taken by Željko Curić

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